Our Past Does Not Have to be Our Present

These are our scars, as Americans.

Our wounds remain from hundreds of years’ worth of racial inequities and inherent beliefs that blackCmzgvqhVMAAckrT people are “less than” or “unequal” or “not as good”. These are not wounds that can heal like other wounds. Time does not heal them. Nothing truly can. We can work to make that our past and not our present or our future. But we must work harder at it.

What we have witnessed this week in a 36-hour span has been heart-wrenching. Just when the world looks as bleak as it could ever look, more shots ring out.

This is not the media. This is not pro-forearms against the anti-gun groups. This is not political, left versus right. This is race. This is a day and age where social media has given people a voice and a sense of empowerment and the ability to attract attention and grow the courage to act on maniacal, obscene fantasies.

Times like these are trying, sad, and tragic. But can these senseless, horrific murders force us, as a society, to reflect on what we can do to move us to a better place?

As sports fans, we instinctively look to the world of sports to bring us together – to forget color and race. But we do not need to forget it, we should not forget who we are, what we are. Instead, we should embrace our differences while celebrating what we do share: the human element. We care, we love, we feel.

Likely, we will see these displays of humanity and unity in sporting events over the weekend and possibly for weeks ahead. But I hope the displays we don’t see are the ones that are the most meaningful. We can make an impact on how others feel during this time of grieving.

Our scars will not heal. But every day is another opportunity to put this ugliness behind us.

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Author: Brian Goodwin

An educator for 15 years. I have a passion for sports and a passion for writing about sports. I'm very excited to run this blog and have conversations with people about relevant topics, mostly pertaining to sports but also in all aspects of life.

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