30 Things We Know After Sunday of Week 3 in the NFL

1. Bill Belichick can prop up a corpse under center and still win a football game. Even more impressive, we now know he can do it on a 4-day week and beat a QB who is making $20 million more than his. Save the debate of who runs this Patriot engine — Belichick or Brady — for another day. For now, let’s appreciate the head coach.

2. The champs are still the champs — with or without a quarterback who we know. If the young man keeps putting up numbers like he did Sunday (22-35, 312 yards, and 4 TDs) on the road against a pretty good defense, we will all know who Trevor Siemian is.

3. Carson Wentz may not be Hall of Fame-ready after just three games, but the rookie starter has played with confidence and moxie. His first two wins — yeah, I know against Cleveland and Chicago — came with skepticism. But putting a thorough beatdown on the Pittsburgh Steelers, who’ve done nothing but run all over opponents and dominate offensively, carries some weight.

4. Maybe it doesn’t matter what injuries Minnesota runs into. The defense has made two great quarterbacks look below average the last two weeks — Aaron Rodgers and Cam Newton. Head coach Mike Zimmer might have something real special going on that side of the ball.

5. Can we all agree that Aaron Rodgers is ok? You want to be that guy that says, “Look, he only threw for 205 yards against a beat up Lions defense”? Yep, he did. All in the first half, basically, because the 4 touchdowns he tossed put the game out of reach before 2pm on the East Coast. “R-E-L-A-X”

6. Respect having to travel in the NFL. It’s not easy to go across the country and play on the road. Ask the Cardinals.

7. I’d like to welcome the Kansas City Chiefs defense to the 2016 season. Glad you could make it. Couple weeks late, but better late than never.

8. I’d like to welcome the Seattle Seahawks offense to the 2016 season. Glad you could make it. Couple weeks — well, you get the picture.

9. Kirk Cousins can rest easy and know his job is secure. Until the Redskins proceed to drop 2 games in a row. Seriously, though, this division could very well be Washington’s, if they just commit to running the ball.

10. Maybe they’re beneficiaries of an easy early schedule. But all the games count the same. However, let’s see where the Ravens are in a few weeks.

11. Houston’s got a good enough team to win the AFC South and maybe win a playoff game. But they’re not in the same class as the Pats or the Broncos.

12. If you’d have told me the score of the Steelers-Eagles game would be 34-3, I would have believed you. Except I’d have had the wrong team on top. Pittsburgh’s offense will be fine, but that defense will need to be more consistent.

13. If the Indianapolis defense can keep making progress — played well against the Broncos and the Chargers, then this offense will catch up and Indy will be leading this division in only a matter of time.

14. So the Rams can win 9-3 and they can also win 37-32. Interesting team Jeff Fisher has out there. Wonder which Rams team we’ll get treated to next week.

15. Tough loss by the Panthers at home against a team who’s offense should have been swallowed up by Luke Kuechly and company. Carolina’s lost both games they’ve played against teams who are expected to be playoff contenders. Something to watch moving forward.

16. This was supposed to be the year Jacksonville made a move. At 0-3 (along with some very very uninspired football the past 2 weeks), the only move may be away from head coach Gus Bradley.

17. The Jets schedule for the first 6 weeks is as tough as they come so a loss at Arrowhead isn’t surprising. But losing 24-3 to the Chiefs is tough to swallow. Ryan Fitzpatrick needs Brandon Marshall to be 100% or else he just chucks it to anyone who will catch it — his team or not.

18. Over the last 6 quarters, Miami’s offense has looked like the Dolphins’ front office hoped it would when they hired Adam Gase as their head coach. Tannehill has a plethora of weapons.

19. Without Ziggy Ansah, the Lions have no pass rush. Without a pass rush to pressure the opposing QB, the Lions secondary has no chance.

20. If Chip Kelly’s defense let the Seahawks ailing offense explode on them, there’s work to do in the Bay Area.

21. The Titans may be 1-2, but DeMarco Murray is bright spot in that Tennessee offense. He gives them much needed balance. If Marcus Mariota had a real receiving threat to go along with tight end Delanie Walker, the Titans might have something scary.

22. The Buccaneers defense has given up an average of 38.5 points the last two weeks. I don’t care how potent the offense can be at times — it’s not averaging 40 a game.

23. One win might have saved the Buffalo Bills season. And Rex Ryan’s job.

24. With all the injuries in San Diego, Melvin Gordon is having himself a very nice start to the year. This season might be what the Chargers thought they would get in 2016 from their first round pick out of Wisconsin.

25. Hopes for 0-16 are still alive for the Browns. For the second straight week, they looked victory in the eye and turned away. Magic is happening in Cleveland.

26. Oakland has a bunch of young weapons. But Michael Crabtree is the glue that holds it all together. Starting to remind me of Anquan Boldin — consistently makes catches and is providing veteran leadership.

27. Cincinnati can’t blame Any Dalton for the 1-2 start. But how long before they make the old “change for the sake of change”? Meanwhile, Jeremy Hill and Gio Bernard are the division’s best running back duo.

28. The NFC East will not be won earlier than week 17. The Giants-Redskins game Sunday is proof positive that the division is up for grabs.

29. The Cowboys are proving each week that they have staying power in the NFC East. Favorable schedule and a rookie QB who continues to impress and progress each week.

30. Is there a more uninspiring team to watch than the Chicago Bears? At least the Browns take leads and are competitive for a time before they blow it. The Bears just, flat, don’t show up.


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