30 Things We Learned After Sunday of Week 2 in the NFL

1. Seattle’s offense needs a jumpstart. Not going to win many games if they can’t score touchdowns.

2. Jerry Jones found him — Dak Prescott is the new Cowboys quarterback. And he, along with Ezekiel Elliott, should keep Dallas in the East race.

3. Arizona fans should not panic after the opening week loss at home to New England. Cards are the cream of the crop in the NFC.

4. Jacksonville still has a ways to go before we start talking about playoffs.

5. The NFC East is a mess, but the Giants look to have to most balance as far as offense and defense goes.

6. Pittsburgh cannot be matched in the dreadful AFC North.

7. New England’s offense has been exceptionally efficient. Can Jacoby Brissett keep it rolling?

8. San Diego has weapons (even without Keenan Allen), and Phillip Rivers is still good enough to make use of them.

9. The Saints are on their way to their worst season with Sean Payton as head coach.

10. Gregg Williams’s defense will need to continue playing at the level they played at Sunday in order to keep the Rams in games.

11. The league’s best offense in 2015 is back at it in ’16. Cam and the Panthers look great.

12. If any Indianapolis defender wants to give back his paycheck from the first two weeks, I think we’d all be good with that.

13. Kirk Cousins doesn’t look right. Washington plays in a bad division so they’re not out of it by any means, but their QB needs to figure this out sooner than later. Hearing calls for Colt McCoy already.

14. Wow — Miami’s offense looked great (when they are down 28 and their only choice is to sling it around). Beginning to wonder about Adam Gase.

15. Denver does it again, in spite of their QB.

16. Jets needed that win. Tough schedule in front of them.

17. Lamar Miller had another nice week of rushing for the Texans. Did it with D against KC this week. Great balance in Houston.

18. Let’s cool it for a sec on the Bucs and James Winston. They’re not as good as they looked in week 1, but they’re not as bad as they looked against the Cardinals.

19. Good point — SF’s offense scored 27 against the vaunted Carolina defense. Bad point — their defense gave of 46. Might be something to start getting used to Niner fans. Gone are the days of the Jim Harbaugh defense.

20. First the OC goes. Next up — the head coach. Beware Rex. Beware. Bills cannot start 0-3.

21. Kansas City offense looked lost in week 2 — and they did for most of the San Diego game too.

22. Giovanni Bernard might be able to keep the Bengals in some games. But Andy Dalton is going to have to win them. Or else AJ McCarron will be taking the snaps.

23. Falcons get an important win on the West Coast — but no thanks to their defense, which is supposed to be improved.

24. Delanie Walker is one of the best tight ends in football. He could be the reason Marcus Mariota has a lot of success this season for Tennessee.

25. Baltimore playing down to the competition against the Browns. Offense is not great and the D is far from what it’s been before.

26. The Raiders are an explosive team on offense. The thought was they’d be better defensively — given up 34 against the Saints and 35 to the Falcons. Lots of room to improve.

27. Bad loss in their home opener for the Lions. All the successes they had in week 1 disappeared against the Titans. Penalties were atrocious. bad discipline — falls on coaching.

28. Cleveland may have had their best shot at winning a game slip through their fingers against the Ravens. Things don’t look good moving forward.

29. Can we get Aaron Rodgers an offensive line, please? Remember New England last year? The Packers may resemble the Pats a lot this season. They have to protect Rodgers.

30. The Vikings defense is really really good. Can they continue if they’re without AP for any substantial length of time?


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