30 Things We Learned From Week 7 in the NFL

1. As long as LeGarrette Blount pounds the ball like he has in most games this season, the Patriots will remain the favorite in the AFC.

2. Landry Jones can fill in for Big Ben quite admirably. All the snaps the former Sooners QB has taken in preseason and last year appear to have helped.

3. DC Jim Schwartz deserves a lot of credit for what he’s done with Philly’s defense. With a rookie quarterback bound to hit the “rookie wall” at some point, the defense will need to carry the team many weeks.

4. Can someone, anyone stop Jay Ajayi??!! To think, some Fins fans wanted the kid released after missing the plane in week 1 when he was told he’d be playing behind Arian Foster.

5. The Colts do, I repeat, DO have a defense with a pulse!! (A faint one, but it’s there.)

6. Matthew Stafford is playing some of the best football of anyone in the NFL. A couple more wins and people around Detroit might actually hear the letters M.V.P. start being associated with their QB.

7. As someone who picked the Falcons to win the NFC South, I hate to see Atlanta lose at home to the Chargers. That’s a game they’d have lost in the past. Now, let all the questions begin — same old Falcons?

8. Minnesota needs to protect Sam Bradford or else you’re going to see the Sam Bradford we’ve seen in Philadelphia and St. Louis.

9. Aaron Rodgers has some weapons around him. How’s the loss of Eddie Lacy going to impact this offense, though?

10. If LeSean McCoy isn’t healthy, this Bills offense is not the same. It’s bad enough they are without Sammy Watkins on the outside.

11. Four roads wins is nothing to sneeze at. The Raiders can travel.

12. The Cubs are going to the World Series!! Oh, and the Bears played against the Packers.

13. The Indians are going to the World Series!! Oh, and the Browns played against the Bengals.

14. Was never quite sure why Todd Bowles benched Ryan Fitzpatrick in favor of Geno Smith after week 6. Had Smith not gotten hurt and been replaced by Fitzpatrick, the Jets might be 1-6.

15. In his fourth year in the NFL, it’s ironic that offensive-minded head coach Chip Kelly just cannot seem to find a QB to run his system.

16. Tennessee is 3-4, probably no better or no worse than many would have expected back in August. But quarterback Marcus Mariota has been erratic at many points so far this season, and his performance against a weak Colts defense in week 7 served as a microcosm of the young signal caller’s season — lots of missed targets on easy out routes and a fumble at the end that cost the Titans any shot at coming back to win.

17. As unwatchable as the SNF game was, the Seahawks proved that their defense isn’t ready to relinquish their spot atop the NFL as the league’s stingiest scoring defense.

18. Between penalties and turnovers and missed opportunities on offense, Washington did everything they could to lose the game in Detroit on Sunday. It worked.

19. Denver’s defense continues to impress. If it’s possible for a defending champion’s defense to fly under the radar, then that’s what they’re doing in Denver.

20. Arizona has something special in David Johnson. The second year RB had 113 yards rushing on 33 carries against Seattle. So much for thinking this kid can’t be an every-down back. Thirty-three carries!!

21. Baltimore had 6 yards on the ground on Sunday. Six. They rushed 12 times. Oh boy.

22. Houston has some explosive weapons on offense. But if Brock Osweiler can’t get on the same page with them, then this Texans team is no better off than they were last year with Brian Hoyer at the helm.

23. If James Winston and Mike Evans can figure out a way to be consistently on the same page, this could be a Matt Ryan – Julio Jones or Andy Dalton – AJ Green type of relationship in Tampa.

24. His team stinks, he’s playing at Arrowhead, and he’s up against one of the AFC’s best defenses — and Drew Brees still goes for 300 and 3 touchdowns. Hard to say he doesn’t get enough credit, but, seriously, he doesn’t get enough credit.

25. Landon Collins is putting together a stretch of games for the Giants where he looks to be the league’s next best defensive back.

26. Joey Bosa is quickly putting himself in the conversation for Defensive Rookie of the Year.

27. No 3-game losing streak or 4-interception game from Case Keenum is enough to get number 1 overall pick Jared Goff into the starting lineup. How bad does this kid look in practice for Jeff Fisher to not give him a shot? If not now, when?

28. The Chiefs defense gave up yards and TDs to Drew Brees, but when it came time to make the game-changing plays, KC was making them.

29. Blake Bortles missed a prime opportunity to move the Jaguars  into contention in the AFC South. Instead, against a Raiders defense that has made almost every opposing quarterback look like a hall-of-famer this year, the Jags QB went 23-43 for 246 yards, a TD and 2 INTs.

30. The Bengals ought to be thankful they got the Browns when they did — the schedule doesn’t get easier as the team travels to London this week to play a good Redskins team.


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