College Football Rankings: The BGPR (#3)

1. Alabama (8-0, previously #1)

Another week, another win over a ranked team. The Tide are on another level than the rest of the college football

2. Clemson (7-0, previously #3)

The Tigers are really unmatched as the number two team in the country. Yes, they’ve looked disinterested at times, and yes, they don’t have that same fire they seemed to have in ’15. But they’re still title contenders and are as talented as Alabama.

3. Louisville (6-1, previously #4)

A one-loss Louisville squad should have no problem maintaining it’s spot in the top-4. The offense is explosive and can they can score on anyone. From anywhere.

4. Michigan (7-0, previously #6)

Big wins fuel the fan base, but we all know U-M’s season rests on it’s trip to Columbus, where the winner seems all but guaranteed a spot in the playoff. The thing is even a loss to the Bucks, may not eliminate the Wolverines from playoff position in minds of voters.

5. Washington (7-0, previously #7)

Playing every week with something to prove, the Huskies are the Pac-12’s lone hope at crashing the playoff party. Big game this Saturday at Utah.

6. Ohio State (6-1, previously #2)

The loss to Penn State is brutal. But as weeks go by, we will see that the game at home against Michigan means everything. Win — they’re in.

7. Nebraska (7-0, previously #8)

The Cornhuskers didn’t put the Boilers down the way a top team needs to. But they have their first major test upcoming at Camp Randall this Saturday. Winner will be top-7 with a ceiling that’s getting higher, loser’s out of the top-10.

8. Texas A&M (6-1, previously #5)

The Aggies still have the look of a top-10 team even after the loss at Tuscaloosa.

9. Wisconsin (5-2, previously #9)

Big opportunity to position themselves back up the rankings if the Badgers can hold homefield against Nebraska.

10. West Virginia (6-0, previously #10)

Nice win over TCU on Saturday. Could have been a trap game, but the Mountaineers took care of business.


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