40 Things We Know After Week 3 in the NFL

Fans were certainly treated to a surprising week 3 to say the least. From the President’s comments before the weekend’s games to some down-right stunning results, we got a full week of action as the NFL wrapped up its third week of play.

1. Tom Brady is good. Really good.

2. An offensive line that was, well, offensive and a defense that’s still finding itself didn’t hurt Brady on the Patriots final drive.

3. Brady’s final drive included a 3rd and 15 conversion and 3rd and 17. Like I said, he’s really good.

4. The Houston defense owns the Pats o-line.

5. Jadeveon Clowney put on an absolute show in Foxboro.

6. Aaron Rodgers is pretty good too — and he finally secured his first overtime win. Shocking that he’s 1-7 in such games.

7. It’s the Joe Mixon era now in Cincinnati.

8. And it might be the end of the Andy Dalton era in Cincy. An improved offense under new OC Bill Lazor was not enough to register the win nor was it enough to drastically change Dalton’s play.

9. Against a real offense, Carolina’s defense may have shown its true colors.

10. Cam Newton looks far from his MVP form of 2015.

11. With their backs against the wall, the Saints and all their offensive weapons played one of their most complete games on that side of the ball.

12. Drew Brees has a legitimate backfield, led by Alvin Kamara. Look for the rookie to separate himself from vets AP and Mark Ingram.

13. While under pressure for most of the afternoon, Trevor Siemian made some very questionable decisions.

14. The Buffalo defense has shown up in each of the first three weeks. (The offense is hit or miss, but the D has been steady.)

15. The Jets offense was efficient — Josh McCown played his best game of the young season. The defense also held Jay Ajayi to 16 yards on 11 rushes.

16. Miami may have a lot of weapons, but they can’t win unless the run game is working. Jay Cutler cannot carry this team.

17. The Browns looked like a team that could have entered week three’s game 2-0. Yet against the Colts, they looked lost and undisciplined — penalties cost Cleveland 113 yards.

18. Jacoby Brissett has picked up the Colts offense remarkably well and developed a great rapport with T.Y. Hilton.

19. The Giants offense finally got clicking, but New York still has yet to find its running game.

20. Despite a banged up defense, Philadelphia’s offense has successfully masked those defensive holes.

21. How can Darren Sproles tear an ACL and break an arm on the same play?

22. Minnesota looks every bit a contender in the NFC North — with or without Sam Bradford.

23. Case Keenum bounced back after a disappointing week 2 performance and showed great chemistry with Stphon Diggs, Adam Thielen, and Dalvin Cook.

24. Tampa Bay has left us with more questions than answers after two very different performances in weeks 2 and 3.

25. Jordan Howard was the unquestioned best player on the field Sunday against Pittsburgh.

26. Despite the win, don’t be fooled: Mike Glennon’s time is coming to an end in Chicago. Enter Mitchell Trubisky.

27. The sleepwalking Steelers have pulled this trick before — going on the road and underperforming. What’s troubling is that Le’Veon Bell still doesn’t have that explosiveness that has made him so good.

28. The Rams and 49ers combined for 80 points??? It’s been 5 days and I’m still not sure that actually happened.

29. Someone may want to tell Baltimore that they were expected to play a football game in London — it wasn’t a tourist trip. Can Joe Flacco go away? Maybe he’ll stay in England.

30. The London Jaguars at it again!! Who’s more comfortable playing across the pond than the Jags??!!

31. De’Vonta Freeman gashed the Lions’ defense.

32. Make no mistake, the Lions got the raw end of the deal at the end of Sunday’s game. But boneheaded penalties and the inability to stop the run when they needed to put Detroit in that position to begin with.

33. Touchdown or not, Matthew Stafford displayed moxie and calm on the game’s final drive. Call me crazy, but maybe the Lions aren’t the league’s punching bag any longer.

34. Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram will be giving QBs fits all year (and for years to come).

35. Philip Rivers can only blame himself for the loss to KC. Errant throws and poor decisions put the Chargers in a hole early and unable to climb out of.

36. Kareem Hunt continues to be dominant. He’s a star, playmaker that the Chiefs offense has needed so badly for years.

37. DeMarco Murray is not ready to ride off into the sunset just yet.

38. The vaunted Seattle defense gave up 196 rushing yards to Tennessee Sunday — after giving up 159 to SF in week 2. Not good and uncharacteristic.

39. Seattle’s offense is the only thing worse than their defense. With no semblance of a rushing attack, all the pressure is on Russell Wilson and his receivers to make plays.

40. The Raiders defense is not feared. A boring Washington offense was even able to exploit it.


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