What We Learned from Week 1 in the NFL

1. In the most highly-anticipated game of the opening weekend, the Green Bay Packers defense showed how much its improved from last season. While the offense had some hiccups against the tenacious Seattle D, the defense looks faster and more consistent than a year ago — and if it keeps this play up, Green Bay’s chances of a championship-caliber season will only increase.

2. Seattle’s defense is fine — heck, it’s better than fine. They kept Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay offense silent for most of the game. The questions will continue to amplify if the offense doesn’t get rolling.

3. The Atlanta Falcons appear to miss the playcalling of Kyle Shanahan. Not great creativity plus an under-used Julio Jones and you’ve got the perfect formula for an underwhelming 2017 debut.

4. Carson Palmer looked his age. Forty is not the new 30.

5. The Pittsburgh Steelers have a lot to look forward to after the 2-sack and interception debut of T.J. Watt.

6. Dallas used the 2 losses to Big Blue last year to help motivate them Sunday night. It was not a game the ‘Boys were losing.

7. Carolina’s defense might resemble the 2015 version, as opposed to what we saw from that unit last year.

8. Forty-six points??? I know, I know — it deserves an asterisk because it was against the Colts. But still, nice debut for head coach Sean McVay and his Rams. Defense looked solid and Jared Goff had his best pro game.

9. Those who believe in Carson Wentz appear to have placed their faith in the right QB. And that pass rush looked impressive as well.

10. Marshawn Lynch had a productive and helpful 76 yards on 18 carries. The Raiders offense had nice balance and the defense played better than what we became accustomed to seeing in 2016.

11. Corey Coleman looked promising in the first 2 games of 2016 until an injury derailed the rookie’s debut season. Now, he’s back and healthy and the best threat on an improved Cleveland offense. Coleman was big against Pittsburgh to open this year. We should expect it to carry on that way.

12. Who said the Lions didn’t have a pass rush??!! They did in week 1. Next question — where’s that run game?

13. Kareem Hunt is no joke. (The Eric Berry injury is devastating, though, to the KC defense.)

14. New England is not unlike other teams in the NFL — they require time to gel and get players comfortable in their system. Once they do, expect the Pats to play like we’ve grown accustom to them playing

15. Is the plan in Washington to have such a terrible offensive line so that Kirk Cousins gets his head ripped off and then the front office looks smart for not giving hm the long-term contract? If so, great work — you’re on your way.

16. The stunner from week 1 for me? The Ravens shutting down the Bengals in every phase of the game.

17. The Titans better adjust themselves and hunker down. One loss is only one loss — but the offense looked less innovative as we expected it to (especially considering they were facing a poor Oakland D).

18. Buffalo’s defense made the Jets, well, look like the Jets. We’ll know more once the Bills play a real team.

19. The Jaguars defense is fast and young and nasty. The offense is nasty, too — for all the wrong reasons. But, hey, a win’s a win.

20. Houston — say hello to DeShaun Watson. That didn’t take long for the depth chart to change.

21. Was there a more disappointing and underwhelming performance in week 1 than the Bengals?

22. All those questions about the Giants offense are legit. Someone tell Ben McAdoo and Eli that the season has started.

23. Are the Bears not as hapless as we thought? I need another week to see if the week 1 showing versus Atlanta was more about the Bears or about the Falcons. (But I sort of think the Bears didn’t look that bad….)

24. I didn’t know the Rams offense was capable of going for 46 points. Leave it to the Colts to see to it that it happened.

25. Can we borrow a rule from European soccer and relegate the Jets and 49ers to the “minor leagues”? It’d make Sundays more enjoyable.


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