40 Takeaways from Week 4 in the NFL

1. I don’t want to overstate this, but head coach Sean McVay has made a major impact on the Rams in the first month of the season. Jared Goff looks much better then he did a year ago and Todd Gurley is back.

2. Using Todd Gurley in the passing game is brilliant.

3. Up until about 10:30pm Sunday night, I was ready to proclaim the Rams as the favorite in the NFC West. (They still might be, honestly.)

4. Seattle — Welcome to the 2017 NFL Season!! Nice to have you, finally. Yes, I know it was against the Colts, but at this point do Seattle fans care?

5. After outscoring Indy in the second half 36-3 on SNF, the Colts look like the Colts and the Seahawks look like the Seahawks.

6. I guess if an offense wants to get right just head up to Foxboro. Four straight 300-yard passers against the New England defense.

7. It’s not a talent issue on defense in New England. Too many miscommunications and missed assignments. Fixable, though.

8. Dalvin Cook’s injury may not effectively end Minnesota’s season. But it doesn’t help. Neither does the fact that their offense is inconsistent.

9. The Lions are 3-1 and very well could be 4-0. And Stafford hasn’t even played well the last 2 weeks. Kudos to the defense.

10. The NFL suspended Bears linebacker Danny Trevathon 2 games for his helmet-to-helmet hit on Packers WR Devante Adams. Two games for leading with the crown of his helmet on a player that was for all intents and purposes a sitting duck? Yeah, ok — keep telling us how much you care about player safety.

11. The Bears couldn’t beat the Packers second and third stringers on Thursday night.

12. When can the Thursday Night Football experiment be over with?

13. Cleveland is bad on the field and it sounds like they’re just as bad in the front office, behind the scenes.

14. Maybe a new OC is all Andy Dalton needed. He’s 46-57 with 498 yards, 6 touchdowns and 0 picks since the change.

15. Breaking News!!! The Saints can actually play defense!!

16. When can the London experiment be over with? Seriously, why are we pushing this on them?

17. The Dolphins have scored 6 points in the last 2 games. Everyone will point at Jay Cutler, but the offensive line is awful — can’t run block and can’t pass protect.

18. Good to see that Joe Flacco brought his awful London performance home with him. His line won’t give him time to throw deep and the underneath passes just aren’t cutting it.

19. Someone tell Antonio Brown to calm down.

20. Le’Veon Bell was a workhorse Sunday — 39 total touches for almost 190 yards. Good thing because the rest of the Steelers offense looks out of sync.

21. Adrian Peterson got 4 touches for 4 yards against Miami. To say his addition to the Saints offense hasn’t worked is putting it nicely.

22. Oakland is surprising anyone this year. And if they don’t protect Derek Carr, they won’t be beating anyone this year.

23. The Cowboys have the talent and could easily take control of the NFC East again. But they need more of a defensive presence up front. He’s been outstanding, but on his own Demarcus Lawrence can only do so much.

24. Back to back wins over Denver and now Atlanta, the Bills and their defense should be considered a legitimate threat to teams. Can they threaten the Patriots though?

25. Steve Sarkisian’s job as OC gets exponentially harder when you hear hip flexor and Julio Jones in the same sentence.

26. The Jets honestly look to have a running game — even with the aging Matt Forte on the sidelines. Elijah McGuire and Bilal Powell handled the load — and the Jaguars defense — quite nicely Sunday.

27. Does anyone know who the Jaguars are? Blow out the Texans, get crushed by the Titans. Embarrass the Ravens, lose to the Jets. I have no answer,

28. With 407 yards on the ground in weeks 3 and 4 combined, the Eagles are hoping to pound their opponents into submission. Old school — run and stop the run.

29. Can the Chargers get a do-over with this whole move to L.A. thing? Unreal how that stadium looked like a Philly home game.

30. Did not see an 0-4 start here for the G-Men. They’re not that bad.

31. With each passing week, it’s more and more shocking that so many teams passed on DeShaun Watson. Five total TDs against Tennessee and the Texans hung 57 points on the board — against the team favored to win that division.

32. Forget Rookie of the Year talk. If Houston keeps winning, start talking MVP for Watson.

33. Tennessee’s defense wasn’t great last year, but it’s worst now. The Titans won’t win the AFC South if they can’t fix that side of the ball.

34. Tampa’s offense loks to be humming along. Oh and they get New England on Thursday night. (Free fantasy advice: start Jameis Winston.)

35. San Francisco and Arizona battled to the final seconds of overtime to decide that game, 18-15. There’s nothing else to say.

36. Despite the win, Denver’s offense was unspectacular in a game where it should have been humming along. In fact if it wasn’t for Jack Del Rio forgetting how to coach, the Broncos might not have beaten the Raiders.

37. Alex Smith seems to be making big play after big play so far this season, when his team needs him. And the thing in, how does this team look that much different than previous KC teams that Smith’s led?

38. In the final minute of Monday night’s game, Smith was poised and cold-blooded as he led the Chiefs down into field goal range.

39. Kareem Hunt went for another 100 yards on the ground. Ho-hum.

40. Washington will miss Kirk Cousins when he signs his huge free agent deal in the offseason. Efficient, accurate, scrappy.


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