40 Things We Found Out After Week 6 in the NFL

1. The NFC North is now wide open with the Aaron Rodgers collarbone injury.

2. That division may come down to Case Keenum/Sam Bradford/Teddy Bridgewater versus Matthew Stafford. (Can’t lose that, Detroit.)

3. If you’re the Lions, you have to get over the shellacking you took in New Orleans and remember the division is still up for grabs, and your mega-contract QB has to step to the forefront.

4. That 3rd-ranked Detroit rush defense looked like swiss cheese against Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara.

5. The Saints defense is all of a sudden not just serviceable — they’re the best in the NFL the last 3 weeks in efficiency and turnovers.

6. Barely getting by the Jets (and doing so with a controversial call) won’t do much to calm Patriots’ fans nerves.

7. Dion Lewis gives New England’s offense a dynamic look that it needs.

8. There goes Andy Reid making questionable late-game decisions — and it’s not even January.

9. If that’s the result when Kareem Hunt is held in check — 9 carries for 21 yards, the Chiefs better hope Hunt doesn’t experience too many more games like that.

10. Ok, so Big Ben hasn’t lost it. And he proved he’s still able to play well on the road.

11. Roethlisberger went for over 250 yards with a TD, as Pittsburgh handed KC it’s first loss of the year.

12. Big Ben was good, Le’Veon Bell was better. If giving Bell more touches is the gameplan, it’s a winning formula — 32 carries for 179 yards rushing.

13. Kirk Cousins held a public workout for Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers brass on Sunday.

14. In the same breath, SF will be going with C.J. Beathard it appears next week.

15. Can we just fast forward to Cousins putting on a Niners jersey already?

16. Not so fast, though. Check it out — SF is in line for a top 3 pick in the draft, which will be loaded with talented QBs. Pay a top draft pick rookie money or break the bank with a proven commodity in Cousins. Biggest decision of John Lynch’s young career as GM.

17. Is it time to panic in Oakland? Derek Carr’s health aside, the Raiders can’t run the ball. Fifty-four yards on the ground won’t cut it.

18. The Chargers have won 2 straight and are 2-4. My preseason pick for the division. KC lost, Oakland has lost 4 in a row, who knows about Denver’s offense — anyone else think that L.A. still has a shot?

19. The Giants have no one playing offense that the average fan has heard of (besides Eli). Yet, they whipped up on the lifeless Broncos at Mile High. Yeah, we all saw that coming.

20. Denver’s offensive problems are real and they’re here.

21. Atlanta’s ups and downs are a little confusing. Bad games against Chicago, Detroit, Buffalo, and now a blown 17-point halftime lead to the Dolphins. Matt Ryan looks like the Matt Ryan pre-2016 — run of the mill above average quarterback.

22. Jarvis Landry is one dynamic player. When Miami uses him in different looks, he’s a problem for defenses.

23. Tampa Bay needs Jameis Winston’s shoulder to be ok. That teams looks very mediocre with him — they could be downright pathetic without him.

24. Sunday’s offensive outpouring was a long time coming for the Cardinals. Maybe the AP trade brings some new life to Arizona. Or maybe it was one game against a below average Bucs D.

25. Who’s more surprising or exciting to watch this year than the Rams and the Jaguars? Two fun teams who are out to entertain.

26. Give credit to the Rams for preparing a gameplan to beat the Jags defense. A week earlier they lost to a very similar Seattle defense.

27. Oh, that gameplan, you ask? Give the ball to Todd Gurley.

28. The Bears won a road game!! All Hail, Mitchell Trubisky!!

29. Well Trubisky’s 8-16 and 113 yards probably wasn’t what did it for the Bears. But Jordan Howard — my god!! How’s 36 carries for 167 yards sound??!!

30. Notwithstanding the failed comeback against Chicago, the Ravens offense is horrific.

31. Joe Flacco couldn’t break the 200 yard barrier in the air against a porous Chicago defense.

32. It doesn’t help that Baltimore has no receiving weapons at Flacco’s disposal. Mike Wallace and Chris Moore each caught a team-high 3 balls for a combined 74 yards.

33. If the Ravens could just commit to the run game (assuming they weren’t having to play from behind all the time), that offense might be better. Alex Collins and Buck Allen were both productive when given the ball — each averaged 4.9 yards per carry.

34. The TNF showdown between Philadelphia and Carolina had all the makings of an early season playoff preview. What’d we learn? Against a pretty good defense that is aggressive, Cam Newton struggles. And Carson Wentz has a firm grasp on that Philly offense.

35. DeShaun Watson — for those who haven’t been listening — is the real deal!!! The rookie leads the NFL in touchdown passes and presents a whole host of issues for defenses with his legs.

36. Cleveland got an up close view of Watson and what could have been had they not traded away that draft pick to Houston in last year’s NFL Draft.

37. Instead, the Browns are 0-6 with Kevin Hogan leading the faithful.

38. Tennessee looks like a different team when they can control the clock and run the ball.

39. Welcome back Marcus Mariota. Three hundred yard passing game in his return to the field.

40. Against a suspect Titans defense, the Colts could not get anything going in the air or on the ground.


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