College Football Power Rankings #2

With one more weekend of games until the first official College Football Playoff Rankings come out, let’s play around with what the top-10 looks like right now.

1. Alabama (previously 1)

A dominating win over Tennessee last week is just par for the course for Alabama. Nick Saban has the Tide systematically destroying opponents. The gap between ‘Bama and the rest of college football looks wider than it’s ever been.

2. Penn State (previously 2)

A dominating win over Michigan served more as revenge for the 49-10 defeat in 2016 to the Wolverines — it didn’t prove much else. We know PSU is good, and a beat down of U-M doesn’t really prove too much. However, trip to the Shoe against a game Ohio State team? Now, that’s a test.

3. TCU (previously 3)

TCU is just quietly taking opponents apart so far this season. This is a team most-equipped to win the Big-12 based on their offensive firepower and their ability to play defense, especially in the secondary.

4. Georgia (previously 5)

The more Notre Dame wins, the more it strengthens Georgia’s resume — as if they need much more evidence that they’re a top team in the land. Some experts won’t believe in the Bulldogs, though, until they get to the SEC title game. They should roll Florida this weekend.

5. Notre Dame (previously 10)

If people had been sleeping on the Irish, last Saturday night’s manhandling of USC should have woken everyone up. The schedule doesn’t get easier — they host ACC-contender N.C. State this weekend. The formula is simple — keep winning, keep moving up. A one-loss ND team this year would be playoff-bound.

6. Clemson (previously 4)

The Tigers can get right back on track with a big game looming at home against Georgia Tech, who’s respectably 4-2. If QB Kelly Bryant bounces back after his concussion against Syracuse, don’t expect Clemson to miss a beat.

7. Wisconsin (previously 6)

There might not be a difficult game on Wisconsin’s schedule. Everything is lined up for the Badgers to head into Indianapolis undefeated.

8. Miami (previously 9)

The Hurricanes are the least impressive of the remaining unbeatens just because of how they win. But upcoming games against Va. Tech and Notre Dame will tell the true story of this year’s Miami squad.

9. Oklahoma (previously 7)

Nothing about OU has been too impressive since they went into Columbus and beat OSU. For them to make a run at the playoff, the Sooners need to win with authority.

10. Ohio State (previously 8)

Ohio State hasn’t beaten anyone so until they do, it’s hard to move them very far up the rankings. Bringing Penn State into the Horseshoe this weekend is a huge litmus test. How much have the Buckeyes improved from their early season home-loss to the Sooners? We’ll find out Saturday.


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