Should We Expect the Expected on Championship Saturday in College Football?

Championship Saturday is set in college football, and it looks like we’ll be treated to a host of very good to great games all day. But as we wait in anticipation for what we all expect will be a wild weekend — because college football is always wild — what if…..well, the most shocking thing about Saturday is that it’s not shocking at all?

Let me explain.

All the water cooler talk this week will be centered on who’s in and who’s out of the top 4 right now and who should get in if this happens and who should be in if that happens. For instance, is an unbeaten Wisconsin a guarantee playoff team? Can TCU jump into the mix if they upset Oklahoma? Is Ohio State in if they beat the Badgers, thus winning the Big 10? Does USC have any chance if they win the PAC-12 title game on Saturday? Do the Crimson Tide have a prayer?

So all these crazy, fantastic scenarios exist and the crazier the outcomes are on Saturday, the more chaos we’ll be treated to leading up to the selection show on Sunday.

But in a sport where the unexpected happens so routinely that it has become the expected, what if all the chaos we are expecting Saturday never happens. What if the unexpected, actually, doesn’t happen?

Everyone can agree, I think, that the winners of the ACC and SEC title games will be in the playoff. But then that’s where our imaginations are given free reign to run wild: Wisconsin hasn’t been that impressive this year so Ohio State should win, which will cause major debate over whether the Buckeyes deserve a spot in the playoff over a one-loss team, like Alabama; and Oklahoma beat TCU once already — it’s hard to beat a good team twice. So will TCU get in? And if they don’t, who takes OU’s spot?

See how fun that is? And that’s just a glimpse into all the debates we can be having.

But what if Wisconsin doesn’t lose to OSU? And say the Sooners roll through TCU like they did a couple weeks ago in primetime? Then what? No craziness? All the fun scenarios we played out get trashed just like that?

The most unexpected thing in college football this Championship Saturday would be if Wisconsin and Oklahoma each won.

How boring.


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