The Mock Draft to Top All Mock Drafts 1.0

Everyone has their mock drafts. So why can’t I have one? Correct, I may be lacking the sources that a Peter King type may have;  I may not have the inner-league relationships with GMs and other scouts like an Ian Rapoport has; and I, quite honestly, can only guess as to what teams are really thinking and what position and player needs they value most.

But none of that’s stopping me!! Here we go!!

1.  Browns

People want to debate the merits of taking a QB here. Bradley Chubb’s name gets thrown around; Saquon Barkley is highly thought of. But let’s be honest. Cleveland has needed a franchise quarterback for as long as I can remember — and I’m 36 years old. Don’t get cute by waiting to get your QB at 4. Take your guy now.

The PICK: Sam Darnold, USC, QB

2. Giants

If the G-men wanted to trade out, you’d think they could have when the Jets were offering picks to move up from 6. The only reason you don’t get out of the 2 hole is if you got a quarterback in mind. The Giants don’t pick this high too often so they have to make it count. Last time they did — they took Eli Manning.

The PICK: Josh Rosen, Cal, QB

3. Jets

It’s a quarterback here. The Jets gave up three 2nd rounders to move up three spots from 6. The problem I have is that the Browns and Giants dictate who the Jets get. If I’m in the Jets front office, I’m not comfortable with that. But if this selection works out, no one will care and no one will remember.

The PICK: Josh Allen, Wyoming, QB

4. Browns

This pick will be so highly-coveted that if the Browns want to deal it, they could get a king’s ransom in return. For me, how many more picks do the Browns really need? At some point you have to actually take players with these picks. With Chubb, Barkley, and Minkah Fitzpatrick sitting here, I think Cleveland needs to grab one.

The PICK: Bradley Chubb, NC State, DE

5. **TRADE** Bills (from Broncos)

The Broncos still need a QB — Case Keenum signed only a 2-year deal. But they may be more apt to take one later in the first round. And it just so happens that the Buffalo Bills have the 12th pick and the 22nd that could be Denver’s if they like. Buffalo cannot NOT take a QB in the first round. That said, taking one at 12 would be insane!! So they’ve got to go all-in and make THE move to be in position for one of the top 4 quarterbacks.

The PICK: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma, QB

6. **TRADE** Buccaneers (from Colts)

I think Indianapolis GM Chris Ballard would love to trade down even further. Maybe someone comes up if they want Barkley or Quentin Nelson or one of the safeties. And the Colts could play poker here and claim to want the guy that another team covets.

The PICK: Saquon Barkley, Penn State, RB

7. **TRADE** Colts (from Bucs)

The Colts have so many needs that I think they’d be happy with any number of players in this round, which is why I can see them trading down multiple times. Seven is a good pot for them. While I think there are some really good defensive back prospects here that could certainly add value to Indy, they’ve got to look at protecting Andrew Luck.

The PICK: Quentin Nelson, Notre Dame, G

8. Bears

It’s no secret that the Bears need to assemble weapons around second year QB Michell Trubisky. Signing Allen Robinson was important, as was getting tight end Trey Burton. They need cornerback help, too.

The PICK: Minkah Fitzpatrick, Alabama, S

9. 49ers

San Francisco is in the position of really taking the best player on their board. They can use help and add depth at almost any spot on their roster. A versatile linebacker or a cornerback might be where they look.

The PICK: Roquan Smith, Georgia, LB

10. Raiders

Who’s making this pick? Reggie McKenzie? Jon Gruden? Mark Davis? I’m not sure. And that’s a big question. I gotta think Gruden’s opinion matters a lot. Cornerback could very well be the choice, but a pass rusher could be too enticing.

The PICK: Tremaine Edmunds, Virginia Tech, DE/OLB

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