NFL Week 2: Am I Overreacting?

After one week of the NFL season, there aren’t any conclusions that one can draw. But after a whole TWO weeks, we can glean just about everything there is to know about who’s for real and who’s not. Don’t believe me? Watch:

  1. Cut the Kicker position. I’m the commissioner for our fantasy league and I did it this season. The Rams didn’t need a kicker on Sunday. Cleveland’s kicker shanked 4 in total (2 PATs and 2 FGs); Mason Crosby missed a big kick against the Vikings; and the Vikings had woes of their own, as Daniel Carlson missed 2 in overtime. What a joke.
  2. Forget MVP, get the HOF jacket ready for Pat Mahomes. He’s thrown for an NFL record 10 touchdowns over the course of a two game stretch. He’s on pace for 80 touchdowns. Totally doable. Hall of Fame, baby.
  3. Everything is fine in Pittsburgh, right? Completely fine. It’s all under control. The defense? It’s cool. Le’Veon Bell who? Unhappy offensive linemen? Fake news. It’s alllllllll goooooooood.
  4. Vontae Davis retired during halftime of the Bills-Chargers game. Like officially retired. Now that the precedent has been set, maybe Hue Jackson will follow suite in Cleveland.
  5. Hey Giants fans, how you like that Saquon pick at 2 overall? Nice job, guys.
  6. The Giants offensive line is terrible. Eli won’t survive. Is it too soon to say that Ben McAdoo got a raw deal?
  7. Alvin Kamara has regressed and the Saints have no weapons beyond Michael Thomas at WR. Maybe that’s why they’re 1-1 and had to sneak out a 21-18  home win over the Browns.
  8. Remember when we all thought the NFC South was the best division in the league?
  9. So ties are just a thing now, huh? Gimme Giant-Texans for week 3.
  10. Who’s the more surprising 2-0 team: Miami, Tampa Bay, or Cincy?
  11. Where will Jameis Winston be playing at the end of the season?
  12. More than his play on the field, Ryan Fitzpatrick won the longterm starting job at QB with his postgame outfit Sunday.
  13. We looked and looked and looked all summer to find an AFC South team that would be better than the Jaguars. I think it’s time we stop looking.
  14. Coming off an embarrassing 31-20 beatdown in Jacksonville, the Patriots now set their eyes on Belichick’s fall-guy, Matt Patricia, and the Lions Sunday night. New Englanders can calm down.
  15. What’s the point of spending any sort of draft capital or money on a running back? Saquon Barkley hasn’t helped the Giants offense — they looked looked lost week 1 and were worse Sunday night; Leonard Fournette didn’t play and the Jags offense played more efficiently than we’ve ever seen it (I think they’re 4-0 without him); and Lev Bell’s absence doesn’t seem to be playing any factor in Pittsburgh’s offense.
  16. The early edge for the number overall pick clearly sits with Buffalo. But don’t count out Arizona or Oakland.
  17. If Carson Wentz doesn’t return to the field soon, Philly fans might burn the city down.
  18. Chris Thompson’s 19 catches in the first two weeks clearly make him the most valuable offensive piece to the puzzle in Washington. (Cha-ching fantasy owners in PPR leagues.)
  19. Derwin James for early Defensive ROY?
  20. Little risk for what could be a big payoff as the Pats trade for Josh Gordon. Just a reminder that the Patriots have brought in Corey Coleman, Chad Hanson, Bennie Fowler, and now Gordon without touching Dez.

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