A Look Back at Week 4 in the NFL: What We Think We Know

Alright, we’re a quarter of the way through the regular season, and this is typically where things start to become clearer in the NFL. For instance, the Raiders miss Khalil Mack, these rookie signal callers need some time, and no one is challenging the Rams in the NFC West. Ok, so maybe I didn’t need a month to come to those conclusions. But here’s some more thoughts that I feel pretty good about. Mostly. Kind of.

  1. With all the Bill O’Brien job security talk entering Sunday, it was the coach on the opposite sideline who looked like he should be worried about coaching next weekend. Frank Reich’s boneheaded decision to throw the ball on 4th down at his team’s own 43 with 24 seconds left in OT, tied at 34 made no sense. Don’t tell me how he was being gutsy and coaching to win and he’d rather go for it and lose than succumb to a tie. Shut. Up. That was a coach over-thinking it and trying to outsmart everyone. He’s not a bad coach. But that was a very bad decision.
  2. Tennessee is boring, unassuming, and they don’t do anything exceptionally. But they are solid and they play smart. That starts with Marcus Mariota. The former Oregon Duck proved his moxie coming back twice on the defending champs, ultimately playing his best down the stretch.
  3. The Detroit Free Press posted a question on Twitter whether Golden Tate was selfish for showboating. He’s an @$$. Was one in Seattle and showed those qualities again yesterday. In a loss mind you.

4. Zeke Elliott is a machine. I get it. Trust me. I’ve said my piece about the QB and the way that roster’s been constructed. But Zeke is the truth. The question is how far can he drag this team and for how long?

5, Earl Thomas is  (as friend of the podcast Jay Jackson would say) a G!!!! The injury and the scene after only fuel what should be an interesting offseason for the player and the Seahawks.

6. Arizona is a bad football team. That’s obvious. But Josh Rosen’s stat line shouldn’t and doesn’t tell you everything. He put some passes exactly where they needed to be, but was not helped by WR drops. He threw it deep and was accurate. You can work with that.

7. San Fran stayed with the Chargers until the bitter end. Don’t let that fool you. I’ve seen this story before. It only gets worse the longer you roll with C.J. Beathard.

8. On the other hand, will the Chargers play to their potential for crying out loud???!!!!!

9. Derwin James, I’ve said it before, is a stud. Three QB hits, 2 PBUs, a sack, and a pressure to force the game winning INT. All in a day’s work. If not for Khalil Mack, James is my Defensive MVP.

10. Speaking of playmakers on defense, hello Raiders. Well, can’t help you there, but on the offensive side, see what happens when you get Amari Cooper involved. Congrats to Coach Gruden on the first win of at least 2 or 3 more.

11. If Atlanta’s defense could just make a few stops here and there, that offense is humming along with the best in the league. The problem is the defense can’t.

12. In week 4, Cincinnati’s offense was the beneficiary of the Falcon’s depleted D. And without Joe Mixon and Tyler Eifert exiting halfway through, it didn’t matter. These are games the Bengals typically lose. Something seems different in Cincy this season.

13. If you still don’t think the NFL is predicated on high-powered offenses, look no further than Mitchell Trubisky’s performance against Tampa Bay this week. Six touchdowns and over 300 yards? For Mitch? That’s today’s NFL. A 48 to 10 whoopin’ and I still say it was thanks to Khalil Mack and not the offense.

14. The Bucs looked so lifeless and Ryan Fitzpatrick was so uninspiring that it made me forget all about the excitement that had surrounded that team up until 1:00pm on Sunday. I imagine Jameis starts in 2 weeks and I stop rooting for them.

15. For 2 weeks Josh Allen looked good. Then he came back down to earth at Lambeau, going 5-19, 58 yards, and a pick in the first half. Like Sam Darnold and Baker, let’s pump those brakes.

16. I, for one, was fearful of Miami’s team speed on offense matching up with New England’s ungodly slow linebackers. Apparently, Miami’s coaches thought there were better game plans to execute. Thank you, Adam Gase.

17. James White is the freaking man!!! This guy gets no love ever. I love him. (Ok, done gushing over the Pats.)

18. Week 1 was a long long long time ago, wasn’t it Jets fans?

19. The Jags offense is just going to be Jekyll and Hyde all season, isn’t it?

20. I said on Friday’s podcast that the Saints defense needed a “turnaround” game to spark their season. They held OBJ to 17 yards on 5 catches until garbage time. And the run defense kept Saquon Barkley in check to the tune of 44 yards on just 10 carries.

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